WordPress Website Hosting

Shared Hosting vs. WordPress Optimized Hosting

For most businesses, its website is likely one of your most cost effective marketing strategies. One of the expenses with running a website is hosting. In order to display your website on the world wide web, you need to publish your website to a server. The cost and quality of the website server varies dramatically from $3 a month to $45 a month for premium hosting.

Shared Hosting – $3 to $15 per month

For a lower price, you can place your website on “shared” hosting. White Buffalo Websites purchases this type of hosting in bulk and offers it to our customers at no cost. We are hosting over 100 business and student websites.

When you purchase shared hosting, the cost can be as low as $3 a month, but you need to read the fine print. Many times in order to purchase for tha$3 a month you need to buy 5 years of website hosting, which is really a bargain at $180 for 5 years. Keep in mind that you aren’t required to keep your website with that website host for 5 years, but if you leave early you won’t get your money back. For most shared hosting purchasers, it may be better to plan on paying around $10 a month or $100 per year.

There is another benefit to Shared Hosting plans. Most shared hosting plans come with a cPanel, which makes it very easy to set up email for your employees and even add additional websites to your plan (called Add-ons Domains). Shared hosting plans work fine for WordPress, and will usually offer a one-touch button in the cPanel to allow you to create a WordPress website.

For shared hosting, the best website host at the present is SiteGround. SiteGround is hosting WhiteBuffaloWebsites.com. The free hosting that is offered by White Buffalo Websites is on Hostgator.


  • cPanel with its myriad of options, most notably email
  • Low cost


  • Cons: Slower,
  • more down time
  • less reliable
  • less secure
  • requires a backup solution

Optimized or Managed WordPress Hosting – $23 to $35 a month

As WordPress has come to dominate the world wide web, WordPress “optimized” or “managed” website hosts sprung to life. These are website hosts fully invested in the WordPress community, and they work overtime to make sure your website work great for WordPress. When I have moved websites from shared hosting to Optimized hosting, there have been a notable increase in website speed.

Why is speed so important? If you website is slow, your website visitors will not stay long on your website. Google Search will put slower websites lower in the search results. If there is one thing you should do to improve your traffic from searches it is to make your website faster.

One-touch restore is a must-have feature on WordPress. WordPress is the best platform for making websites, but one thing about WordPress is that is can crash unexpectedly if there are software conflicts.


  • Speed, speed, speed!
  • Daily backups and one touch restore
  • Staging website included
  • Improved website security


  • Higher price
  • Requires a separate email solution

The Bottom Line

If you website is key to the success of your business, then you definitely want to make the investment in Optimized WordPress hosting. If your website is less critical to your business, then shared hosting will be adequate.

At White Buffalo Websites, we provide free shared hosting for our clients and students. We also have purchase Optimized WordPress Hosting in bulk from FlyWheel, so that we are able to offer it to our clients at a drastically discounted price of $150 per year. If you have already purchased website hosting, we are happy to work with your website host.