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At this time, White Buffalo Websites is closed to new clients. Looking for a developer?

DIY Websites

Build your own website for as low as $15 per month!

Many of our clients prefer to build and maintain their own websites. WordPress is designed exactly for that purpose. White Buffalo Websites streamlines the learning process by installing the best WordPress themes and plugins into your website. We provide support and training as you need it to run your website.

For as low as $15 a month, you can build your own website with premium hosting and theme. With our help, you can have a website up and running in a few hours.

The first goal of your website is to establish an online presence so your customers can find you. White Buffalo Websites can easily include features on your website like a map showing your location and a contact form.

What is the process to build your website with White Buffalo?

During your free one-hour consultation we will create your new website and attach it to your website domain. The rest of the hour will be spent training you on how to work on your website yourself. In that first hour we will cover the how to:

  • insert your logo into the website and create a header navigation
  • choose fonts and colors for your website design
  • create new web pages and link them to your website menu

Beyond the first one-hour consult the cost of website tutoring is $30/hr. Some of our clients have weekly tutoring and others choose to schedule tutoring as needed. We will work with you as you need help and your budget supports it.

"WordPress is easy, but it isn't intuitive".

With a little bit of help, WordPress is about the difficulty level of working with Word or PowerPoint. But when you first start to use it, WordPress may not feel intuitive, and so some coaching can really make a difference.

You will find that it amazing fun to able to create a web page and publish it to the world!  It is very empowering to make websites.

Dog holding a hammer to symbolize build your own website

DIY Website Costs

Premium Website hosting on Flywheel: $15 a month
One-hour Initial Consultation: Free
Additional Tutoring Services (optional): $30 an hour

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