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Premium Websites

Quality Website Contruction with Best-In-Class Tools

Tool box filled with tools to symbolize premium website construction

Based on many years of web development experience, we have found a winning combination of hosting, themes, and plugins to construct premium websites. With this set of best-in-class tools, your website will run quickly and be easy to maintain.

Because your website will be well-constructed, it will be friendly to search engines, making it easy for existing and new customers to find you.  The quality of your website is a reflection of the quality of your business.

Beaver Builder Theme and Page Builder

Beaver Builder  is our favorite theme and page builder. The Beaver Builder theme and page builder are well-constructed and improve your website performance. We also use the Beaver Builder Themer product to give you complete design flexibility. We are happy to work with any theme and page builder, but if you aren't locked into something else, we highly recommend Beaver Builder because it will be easier for you and your staff to maintain.

After a brief training, you and your staff can build beautiful web pages on your own. We specialize in DIY websites and many of our clients enjoy the process of choosing design elements for themselves featured in Beaver Builder. Beaver Builder is our top theme recommendation because it comes with the most built in options for our clients.

WooCommerce for eCommerce

For premium eCommerce websites, our first choice is the WordPress WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is a free plugin that turns any WordPress website into a complete eCommerce experience including:

  • "Add to Cart" buttons
  • Product images and images gallery
  • Coupon codes with discount options
  • Regular and sale prices
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout billing and shipping
  • Credit card integration
  • Automated sales tax calculations

The best thing about WooCommerce is that it is free open-source software.

In addition, we will work with Shopify websites. Shopify is an excellent platform, known for its customer service. However, it isn't our first choice because of its much higher cost.  In this article we outline the pros and cons of Shopify vs. WooCommerce.

Premium Website Hosting with Flywheel

For websites to run well, premium website hosting is critical. WordPress websites work best on Managed WordPress hosting, rather than the lower cost shared hosting. We recommend FlyWheel Managed WordPress hosting, because they have the lowest cost Managed WordPress plans and high quality service. Disclaimer: if you follow the link below to Flywheel, White Buffalo LLC may receive a affiliate referral fee.

Learn more about Flywheel hosting.

If you are on a tight budget, we also provide free shared hosting. Shared hosting is fully functional, only but slower and less secure than the Managed WordPress hosting. Learn more about Shared vs Managed WordPress hosting.