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Recommended Website Hosts


At White Buffalo Websites, we work with many website hosts. From that experience, we have found that some website hosts are better than others. If you need website hosting, we recommend two website hosts, Flywheel and SiteGround. We can help you choose which website hosting is better for you.

Flywheel: Managed WordPress Hosting

We shopped around all of the available plans for Managed WordPress Hosting, and the plan that we chose as for our recommendation is Flywheel. What caught our eye about Flywheel is its pricing plans. Flywheel is the only Managed WordPress Hosting provider that has a plan for as low as $150 a year. Most Managed WordPress Plans start at $400 – $500 per year.

As long as your website is below 5,000 monthly visits and 5GB of storage, you can sign up for their robust “Tiny” plan with Flywheel for $150 per year. 95% of our clients have websites that fit into this size. And the service is Flywheel is fantastic!

If you decide to sign up with Flywheel, we recommend the Add-on Service for Managed Plugin Updates, for an additional $8 per month. It is important to keep WordPress websites up to date by updating your plugins regularly.

With Managed WordPress Hosting, email is not available. The focus of a Managed WordPress Host is to single-mindedly provide fast and reliable WordPress hosting.

Why do I need Managed WordPress Hosting? Is it worth the extra cost?

There are two big reasons why we recommend Managed WordPress Hosting. First, Managed WordPress Hosting specializes in WordPress and ways to make WordPress run more quickly. Most Managed WordPress Hosting providers also provide access to free CDN (content delivery network) service, placing your website on servers all over the world to make websites load quickly. The second reason why Managed WordPress is worthwhile is because of the security and backup features give you (and your developer) great piece of mind. For example, if your website crashes for some reason, you can simply click a one-touch-restore button and your website will come back to life.

What is the cost for Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. We recommend Flywheel for Managed WordPress Hosting, because it has low-cost plans for small websites.

White Buffalo LLC is a proud affiliate of Flywheel. If you click on a link on this website, we may earn a small affiliate fee.

Siteground: Full Service Shared Hosting

Depending on your budget, another option for hosting is Shared Hosting with Siteground. Siteground sells Shared Hosting for as low as $60 a year. The Siteground plans includes some of the features of Managed WordPress, with daily backups, one-touch restore and staging websites.

One benefit of hosting your website with Siteground is that plans include email.