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SEO Copywriting Services

Lifting Your Website to the Top of Search Results

SEO with rocket

To help customers find you, we can assist you with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting services. SEO is the process of editing a website in order to make it appear higher in the search results. When your potential customers search on Google or Bing, it is important that your website rises to the top of search results. To help customers find you, we can assist you with our SEO copywriting services.

When the internet was young, SEO experts used a series of tricks to ensure their clients' websites appeared at the top of a search. Now, however, the tricks no longer are effective for SEO. Search engines, like Google, have found ways to look beyond the tricks. What this means is that the best approach to SEO is to have excellent content, strong and clear writing, and thoughtful links on your website. 

Our SEO copywriting services will make your website more professional and easier for your customers to read. And, most important of all, our SEO copywriting services will move your website up in the search results.  

SEO Content Writing

The Right Key Phrase

Search engines scan websites for key phrases to decide what a web page is about. The key phrase is the words your customer will type to find your information, product, or service.

Quality copywriting for SEO must include analysis of key phrases and rewriting content for the key phrases.  We can help by identifying a key phrase for each page of your website and rewriting the page so that Google and the search engines know what that page is about.

WordPress Tool for Writing for SEO: Yoast

The most commonly used plugin for SEO in WordPress websites is Yoast.  The slogan of Yoast is: "SEO for Everyone.” Yoast has a robust free WordPress plugin. There is also an optional $89/year subscription option which allows users to include multiple key phrases and other premium features. We install the Yoast plugin on all of the websites we make.

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Sara Robbert

Our Professional Writer

Sara Robbert has over a decade of experience editing, blogging, and a variety of other writing styles. Sara offers friendly service and quality writing to our clients. SEO optimization writing with WordPress is another skill of hers. Sara looks forward to discussing the best writing support for your website needs.