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Risk Management in WordPress: Techniques to keep your website up and running

By Susan Metoxen | July 29, 2019
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Do you love the idea that WordPress is open source? That it comes with a built in CMS (Customer Management System) that allows you to make changes to your website without a developer? That so many additional functionalities are capable in the WordPress community…often for free? We all love WordPress! That is why WordPress powers 1/3 of the World Wide Web. But there is a downside to WordPress as well. WordPress is a combination of the WordPress Core, the theme you add to your website, and the various plugins you add for additional functionality. What this means is that when there is a failure, it is very hard to know who to call for help. There will be some finger pointing among the theme developer and plugin developers. Of course, if you are using the free version of the theme or plugins, the only place you can call for help is your website host or your web developer, if you…

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Shopify vs. WooCommerce

By Susan Metoxen | July 26, 2019
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Which is the better eCommerce solution? This article compares the two eCommerce systems with which I have had experience, WooCommerce and Shopify. WooCommerce and Shopify are the two biggest players in the eCommerce website market. When I first had the opportunity to make eCommerce websites, I read several articles online to decide on an eCommerce system to use. My initial research in 2015 brought me to choose Shopify as the best online eCommerce solution. I called Shopify and talked through the website I planned to make on their platform, and the customer service staff were very helpful. Shopify is developer friendly, and they helped me set up a developer account so I could make staging websites for my clients. And at only $29 a month, the price was right. A few years and several websites later, I was less sure about Shopify. Every time a client needed an additional feature on their website, their monthly invoice went up. One client…

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Which type of website is right for you?

By Susan Metoxen | May 1, 2019
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 WordPress A WordPress website will give you the ability to modify content on your own. WordPress installations include a Content Management System (CMS) that allows administrators to add or change content without knowing how to code.  You and your staff can add content to the website without engaging a web programmer. WordPress is the most established content management system for websites and is powering over 30% of websites. Because it is so well established, there is an enormous code base available, most of it for free. What that means is that when you see a cool widget on a website and you want to add it to your website, it is likely you can do that. There aren’t a lot of downsides to WordPress, but there is one important one. WordPress websites require ongoing maintenance. It is important to update plugins and your theme regularly. More rarely, you will need to update the version of PHP that your website is…

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How can I make a website with my budget?

By Susan Metoxen | February 1, 2018
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You absolutely can make a website on your budget. Start by accepting the fact that unless you are selling encyclopedias door to door, there is no way around your need for a website. You not only need a website, you need a GOOD website! Your website needs to: Work on your customers’ smartphones Be something your customers can easily find on the World Wide Web Show off your products and your brand! The most important thing is to have a web presense with some basic information about your business. Step 1. Do some planning. What do your customers expect to see in your website? Directions to your location? Contact information so they can reach you? A schedule? Do you want your customers to be able to purchase products from your website? Do you want to provide a list of products? A photo gallery? Once you know what you want in your website, you can start to lay it out. These…

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Setting Business Goals

By Susan Metoxen | December 31, 2016
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What are your business goals? Increase sales? Increase profitability? Small business owners understand that they are working with limited resources, and this creates pressure to choose goals wisely. What small business owners need to do is to find tactics that have the biggest impact for the smallest cost. They need their goals to have high leverage. Effective goals have strong leverage. If you try to remove the nail pictured at right with your hand, you will fail. But use a crowbar for leverage, and you will succeed. But how do you find goals with good leverage? Start by brainstorming potential goals for your business. Allow yourself to be creative in the brainstorming process. Then rank your potential goals from the most cost (or work) to the least cost. Then rank them all from the most impact to the least impact. Your goals with the most leverage will be the lowest cost with the highest impact. Website and social goals have good…

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