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At this time, White Buffalo Websites is closed to new clients. Looking for a developer?

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Websites for Candidates

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Turn Potential Voters into Your Enthusiastic Supporters

You have more important things to do than worry about website design. Our experienced team will design a site that incorporates your campaign's graphics, effectively gets your message across and supports important functionalities for volunteers and others. We will also continue to manage your website throughout your campaign.

Campaigns are always strapped for cash and we want to help. Your message is important. With every dollar you save, you have more funds to devote toward getting your message to as wide an audience as possible. From now until Election Day, we are offering a special web developer rate of  $45 per hour - half our usual price.

Whether you are running for reelection or are a first-time candidate, your goal is to connect with voters. Your website may be the only way a potential supporter learns of your views on vital issues. We are passionate about creating a professional site that clearly informs voters of your political stands and let's them know when, where, and how to connect with you.

Engage Voters, Supporters, Constituents, and Volunteers

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It’s not just about having a pretty website. To be successful, your campaign's site has to be inviting, professional, and establish an official presence, all while encouraging people to volunteer, contribute, and attend campaign events.

How can your website support your campaign?

  • Outline your platform for voters
  • Accept and track online donations
  • Sign up volunteers
  • Schedule and announce campaign events
  • Integrate with social media
  • Upload photos and create galleries
child protest sign
Group protesting for equality and women empowerment

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